Malaysia: Monday, 16 July 2018
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The MyBioD logo was unveiled in 2012 to give a branding and to internalize the appreciation of Malaysia’s rich and amazing biodiversity. It is aimed at generating awareness at all levels of the Malaysian public to foster and enhance the understanding that Malaysia’s Biodiversity is their life, heritage and future.

The MyBioD logo in general portrays that all life on earth is interconnected forming a fragile yet wonderful web of life which is so vital to the survival of this planet.

The logo represents the richness and importance of Malaysia’s biodiversity which is represented by the tree, animals, birds, insects and marine life in the logo. The tree depicts the gentle mother earth which shelters, nurtures and takes care of all of us, who in return needs to be cared for too.

The mother and child in the logo signify the role of women in biodiversity conservation and the need to protect and conserve our rich natural heritage for generations to come. Hence, everyone has the role to conserve and use our biodiversity wisely.

Tones of Green represents the richness of Malaysia’s biodiversity
Brown represents the terrestrial ecosystem
Blue represent the marine and water ecosystem
The leaf in the letter ‘o’ represents the continuous conservation efforts that need to
be undertaken to safeguard our biodiversity