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Botanical Reference of Kepong Herbarium Library
(Forest Biodiversity Division, FRIM)
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 AuthorTitleYearBooks/JournalVol (No/Part)PageBarcode No.
1. -Images for pollination in Bombax- ---- 
2. -Images for pollination in Ceiba pentandra- ---- 
3. * Somsri, S. et al.Three decades of durian breeding program in Thailand and its three newly recommended F. hybrids2008ISHS Acta Horticulturae 78777-88 
4. Aciole, S.D.G. et al. Insecticidal activity of three species of Guetteria (Annonaceae) against Aedes aegypti (Diptera: Culcidae).2011Revista Colombiana de Entomologia37 (2)262-268 
5. Adanson, M. Bombacaceae—Ceiba1791Families Practice Jardin des Plantes2399-399 
6. Adjers, G., J. kuusipalo, S. Nduka & A. Otsamo Planting Durio zibethinus in abandoned shifting cultivation areas: results three years after planting1997Journal of Tropical Forest Science9 (3)315-320 
7. Adler, G.H. & K.A. Kielpinski Reproductive phenology of a Tropical Canopy Tree, Spondias mombin2000Biotropica 32 (4a)686-692 
8. Agoo, E.M.G. & D.A. Madulid Cycas sancti-lasallei (Cycadaceae), a new species from the Philippines. 2012 Blumea57131-133  
9. Agrawal, S. & K. Misra Proanthocyanidin from Polyalthia longifolia stem bark1979Current Science48 (4)141-143 
10. Ahmad Sofiman, O. & P.C. Boyce Studies on Monstereae (Araceae) of Peninsular Malaysia II: Rhaphidophora latevaginata, newly recorded for West Malaysia2010Gardens' Bulletin Singapore62 (1)1-8 
11. Ahmad Sofiman, O., P.C. Boyce & Chan Lai Keng Studies on Monstereae (Araceae) of Peninsular Malaysia III. Scindapsus lucens, a new record for Malaysia, and a key to Peninsular Malaysian Scindapsus2010Gardens' Bulletin Singapore62 (1)9-15  
12. Ahmad, K.J.Epidermal hairs of Acanthaceae1978Blumea24101-117 
13. Airy Shaw, H.K. Aquifoliaceae1939Kew Bulletin 9509-511 
14. Airy Shaw, H.K. Diagnoses of new families, new names, etc. for the seventh edition of Willis’s Dictionary. Cleomaceae1964 Kew bulletin 18 (2)256-256  
15. Airy Shaw, H.K. & L.L. Forman The genus Spondias L. (Anacardiaceae) in Tropical Asia1967kew bulletin21 (1)1-19 
16. Airy-Shaw, H.K. Annonaceae. Additions to the flora of Borneo and other Malay Islands: XII1939Bulletin of Miscellaneous Information, Royal Gardens, Kew. Kew 275-290 
17. Akhani, H. Diversity, biogeography, and photosynthetic pathways of Argusia and Heliotropium (Boraginaceae) in South-West Asia with an analysis of phytogeographical units. 2007Botanical Journal Linn. Society155401-425 
18. Alitonou, G.A. et al. Chemical composition, antiradical and anti-inflammatory activities of four Annonaceae from Benin. 2013International Journal of Pharmaceutical, Chemical and Biological Science3 (3)914-923 
19. Alkofahi, A. et al.Goniothalamicin and annonacin: Bioactive acetogenins from Goniothalamus giganteus (Annonaceae). 1988Experientia44 (1)83-85 
20. Allen, B.M. Simpoh Ayer1961Some Common Trees of Malaya 42-43  
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